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Short Courses

Short Courses

Short course 1

The principles of Hopkinson bar and its applications of rock mechanics

A triaxial Hopkinson bar (ARC LE150100058) is developed to apply initial pre-stresses achieving various in-situ stress conditions, including uniaxial (σ1>σ2=σ3=0), biaxial (σ1≥σ2>σ3=0) and triaxial (σ1≥σ2≥σ3 ≠0) confinements, and then to determine dynamic properties of materials under multiaxial pre-stress states

Short course 2

High-speed digital image correlation techniques

Two Phantom v2511 ultra-high speed cameras (up to 1 Million frames per second) for 3D-DIC measurement

Short course 3

Hydaulic fracturing

The high-pressure, high-temperature 3D stress reactor (True triaxial) has capalilities of applying 3 differential stresses and high injection pressure (up to 400MPa) under high temperature (up to 400 degrees centigrade)